Last Semester of Law School?!

Let’s get the clichés out of the way earlier: I honestly can’t believe it’s my last semester of law school. Yes, every spring 3L says that. And I am no exception. Law school simultaneously went by slowly and oh-so-quickly. During the semesters and day-to-day grind of classes it seemed like the weeks just dragged on. When I look back on the past two and a half years as a whole, however, it seems like things flew by in the blink of an eye. I remember my 1L and 2L years vividly, both triumphs and successes. I’m sure that my last blog post of this semester will serve as a source of backwards-looking reflection, so for now I’d like to write about things I’m looking forward to during my final semester of law school.


  1. Enjoy every class

Listen, I wouldn’t have gone to law school if I didn’t love to learn. That being said, after two and a half years of demanding and challenging courses, I was starting to feel a little burned out. With this being potentially my last semester of school forever (!) it has hit me that I would regret spending my last moments in academia feeling burned out. As such, I will be making conscious efforts to take my homework a little more slowly and enjoy all the time spent in class as much as I can. It helps that I have some really fascinating classes this semester like Compliance in Global Commerce and Advanced Constitutional Law: Citizenship, Immigration, and the Constitution.


  1. Remain invested in extracurriculars

This is a corollary of the above: it’s easier to feel burned out when you’re also splitting your time across extracurriculars. Things like journal and admiralty moot court and being a research assistant all demand time and energy. That being said, I’m also following the mindset outlined above and reminding myself that these activities are such a privilege. I get to play a role in publishing a leading international law journal. I’m being flown to Charleston with an amazing professor and a classmate who has become my best friend to advocate in one of the coolest niche areas of the law. I get to work with two wildly intelligent professors on emerging and important issues. That’s pretty spectacular, if you ask me, and I need to remember that each and every day.


  1. Maintain and build friendships

We’re often reminded in law school that our classmates are not just our classmates and friends but our future colleagues and we should conduct ourselves as such. That can sometimes put some pressure on the relationships you try to build. I’m truly happy with the relationships I’ve built already with my classmates and want to maintain them. I also want to focus on the friends I’ve wanted to get to know better but haven’t been able to yet. I want to spend extra time with the friends who will be leaving Boston after graduation and strengthen ties with those remaining in Boston, too.

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