3L Transition: Saying Yes

As a 3L who is less than one semester away from graduating, I feel caught in between wanting to get the semester over with so I can become a “real adult,” and wanting things to go by slowly so I can soak it all in. A lot of my friends from college who aren’t in law school live in the Boston area, so it’s been tough to see them come into their own as adults the past few years while I’ve been stuck in the student realm. I’ve felt guilty far too many times for joining them for dinner or drinks on the weekends, whether that be guilt because I should be studying, guilt because my budget is tight since I’m not working full-time, or guilt for any other law-school-induced reason. I’m also feeling guilty about pushing law school out the door so quickly, as I do love my classes and I’m so lucky to have the privilege to learn from these incredible professors and classmates. That being said, I’m using 3L to try to strike a better balance between the two realms and mitigate the guilt that really shouldn’t be front and center! I think of it as a transition out of school and towards the rest of my life: a transition that can happen slowly, and can start with saying yes more often with my free time.

One of the things I said an emphatic “yes!” to was going skating with friends over the weekend. My boyfriend and I have close friends, Zach and Kristen, who just recently moved to Boston from Texas. They’re really some of our favorite people to hang out with, so I’ve been looking forward to their move for some time now. As native New Englanders, my boyfriend and I fell into the role of being their Boston guides. As such, we really wanted to help them not just survive but also enjoy the winter! One of the best things to enjoy in winter is ice skating, and outdoor skating at that. So, within a week of Zach and Kristen arriving in Boston, the four of us went ice skating at the Jack Kirrane rink, located in Brookline’s Larz Anderson park. This rink is fantastic: it’s a good size, not as touristy or as busy (usually) as the Frog Pond, cheaper than Frog Pond, and really well maintained. It’s also outside and on a hill, which gives great New England vibes. Zach and Kristen did really well ice skating and didn’t mind the 14 degree weather, either! It was a great memory and welcome to Boston.

Another thing I’ve started saying “yes!” to is events during the week and even events further in the future. With most of law school, week-day plans were almost always out of the question, and I’ve always hesitated booking things in advance because I didn’t know what my workload would be like. I’m trying to nix those habits because a) it’s probably not healthy; b) I can make things work if I try hard enough; and c) I’ve really got to stop being so tough on myself and let myself live a little. I’ve kind of gone full-force into this, too: I have plans on two separate weeknights to get dinner with different friends next week; every weekend in March is booked with trips or events; I have tentative plans to attend Foxfield down in Virginia in April; and I just bought Vampire Weekend concert tickets for September.

This transition into saying “yes” more often to events with friends also reminds me to be really present with my schoolwork and classes during the week. When I come back from an exciting weekend, I always look forward to getting back into the stability and schedule of the week. Changing things up on the weekends also prevents me from getting bored in classes during the week, and I appreciate what I’m learning just a little bit more. It’s a delicate balance that I’m still working on, but so far, I think it’s going well.



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