Advice over Coffee

Today, I had the pleasure of speaking with a prospective BU Law student over coffee. She is a friend of a friend and over the course of an hour, I found myself gushing about how I made the right decision choosing BU Law. I hope, if you’ve recently been accepted to BU Law, you’ll read through why it was so easy for me to speak about BU for an hour.

First, yes obviously law school is hard. As a 1L you’re trying to figure out how to think, learn, and manage your time in Law School. It’s completely different than undergrad or work experience. But, BU fosters an incredible community that helps you figure it all out. BU is collaborative. 2Ls and 3Ls serve as mentors to 1Ls and within the 1L class I’ve made such incredible friends. There is a sense of camaraderie during cold calls and study groups. We all want to succeed and we’re all here supporting each other. I am so fortunate to have a wonderful group to call my close friends. We found each other within the first month of school by being randomly placed in our section (one of three 1L sections). Sort of like sorority recruitment when they say “trust the system”, BU gave me incredible, supportive, kind friends.

Second, we are in a city. Now this may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but for me I wanted to be in a city, not a college town. I’m leaving my low-20s and entering my mid-20s. I want to experience the Boston sports teams (and of course championship parades). I want to go to different bars and be surrounded, not by college students, but by young professionals. I want to be able to network directly with law firms in the area. I want to be able to stay here over the summer and experience summer in the city- drinks along the seaport, the hustle and bustle of actually working in the city where I go to school, and Red Sox night games.

Third, BU Law students have an incredible network of alumni. When I was stuck choosing between schools on the west coast, mid-west, and east-coast, I walked myself through the following. Where do I want to end up? Massachusetts. Can BU get me there? Obviously. Would I be ok going to school elsewhere? Yes. Can the other schools I got into get me to Boston?  Yes. But, is it better to build my network in Massachusetts? For me, the answer was yes. I am incredibly happy that my thought process was correct. This semester, I’ve had at least one official networking event each week. I’m starting to build a broad network already and it’s because of the strength of BU alumni. Many 2Ls and 3Ls also found this thought process worked for New York firms as well.

So, after talking about this (and more) for an hour. I finished my coffee with a smile. I was brought back to a year ago when I was being accepted to schools and how  exhaustive, yet exciting, a time it was. I know, almost a year later, that I made the right decision for me. When you make your decision, I hope you feel a weight lifted off your shoulders and excited for what your future has in store. And, if you choose BU, welcome! Get excited for an incredible three years with wonderful professors, classmates, and friends.

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