Dark Days & Getting Through Them

My grandmother died after my second final in my first semester of law school. It feels a little gross to point out her death in this narrow contextcontextualized by my exam schedulebut isn’t that how life works? A crisis happens and the world keeps moving on around you.

In many ways, I was lucky. Marion knew that this would be her last year of life, so the grandkids had the chance to visit as often as possible. She attended my wedding in April and got to see pictures of her brand-new, twelfth great-grandkid in November. Still, my family kept from me how close she was to dying until the morning of my contracts exam, when I managed to get my mother on the phone.

Once I got my bearings, I emailed Student Affairs and the Registrar’s office on Saturday morning, and they worked throughout the weekend to get me home early by pushing my last final up a day. While I didn’t make it home in time to see my grandma, I’m grateful that the school worked so hard to help me out.

While I hope this doesn’t happen to you or your classmates, remember that at BU, there is a community of people around you willing to help. May this also serve as a reminder when you think your exam performance is the most important thing—it’s not. You are so much more than a grade!

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