Collagen Catch-Up

As we age, our body begins to produce less and less collagen (added stress from law school & life doesn’t help facilitate collagen production in the slightest). This is why it is so important to add collagen into your daily routine. Whether you decide to take it by pill or by adding it as a supplement to your water (perhaps your daily hot water + lemon?????) It definitely is super important to make sure you are supplementing collagen in your diet.

Why is it important you might ask? Besides the obvious physical benefits of improving skin elasticity, improving moisture from within and reducing wrinkles it also has some great benefits for your body as well. (though in these Boston winters anything that can revitalize the moisture in your skin should be reason enough) -Collagen is vital to your joints, bones, and muscles! It is the component that actually holds us all together!

Additionally, collagen helps our body burn fat, and can revitalize one’s metabolism! It is also vital to maintaining a healthy gut and stomach lining !! Check out the following article if you want to learn even more:

Two brands of collagen that I personally recommend would either be Vital Proteins or Tonic Collagen ! They both are made of the only the best products. I’m currently using Vital Proteins Strawberry Lemonade flavored with hyaluronic acid (another wonderful supplement to add into your daily routine) and I’m putting that in my hot lemon water. However they sell unflavored powders that you can add into your smoothies, oats, coffee or teas.


So far I’ve been loving adding these supplements into my daily routine and you should really consider adding it into yours as well!!!!

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Shirish posted on March 16, 2019 at 12:28 pm

Thanks for recommending the products. I will use it and share my review.

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