A Different Kind of Elevator Pitch

The law school consists of two adjoining buildings, or building sections, depending on perspective: the Redstone Building and the Law Tower. Within these sections are two sets of elevators. One set shuttles students through the six floors of Redstone, accessing student offices, lockers, classrooms, and libraries. The other set traverses the sixteen floors of the Law Tower, spiriting you to your professors’ office hours and a student lounge with a stunning view of the Charles River.

You’re going to need to rethink your elevator pitch in the Law Tower elevators. Despite having six elevators to choose from, you will invariably find yourself interacting with classmates, staff, and professors for several minutes at a time waiting for an elevator and on your ride down.

The other day, I visited Professor Wendy Kaplan to discuss the Criminal Law Clinic. Waiting for the elevator after our meeting, I ran into Professor Naomi Mann from the Civil Litigation Clinic. We discussed my awesome waterproof bicycle backpack, how quickly time passes in law school, and her advice to a 1L who is interested in practically everything and confused about the path forward. Shortly, we were stuffed into an elevator with Professor Susan Akram, director of the International Human Rights Clinic. I thought to myself, how lucky I am to be here.

BU Law professors are like this. They spend an hour of their packed workdays with a 1L curious about criminal defense. They take time to chat with students and dispense just the right amount of guidance when it is needed most. Don’t be annoyed at the extra few minutes you need to budget to travel to the top of the Law Tower. It is time well spent.

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