Networking, Networking, Networking!

Here’s the deal. 1L spring semester there are A TON of networking events. Whether at the law school, at firms, or hosted by different student orgs. I’m still getting the hang of it, but wanted to share a view pointers I’ve come to fall back on:

  1. Buddy system! One of my friends is interested in litigation and I’m interested in transactional/corporate law so we have a great back and forth when speaking with lawyers from firms. It’s also a great way for us to each go back and forth with questions.
  2. Speaking of questions… have your go-to questions in your back pocket. Think of things like workplace culture, mentorship opportunities, what sets a firm apart from others, etc.
  3. Know how to make yourself memorable. What can you mention that will help recruiters and lawyers remember you? Previous work experience, a great connection you made that you can elaborate on, etc.
  4. Dress for success! Of course you want to look professional, but make sure you are also comfortable. Don’t wear high heels if you know you’ll be in pain. But, make sure you have a good pair of nice heels (ladies) so that you have them for those important business professional events.
  5. Be You! If you’re more of an introvert don’t feel like you have to be in someone’s face. If you’re an extrovert don’t feel like you have to dial it down. If you are genuine, you are more likely to make true connections with others.

If you’re looking for more advice here are a few articles I stumbled upon!

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Good luck out there!


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