Boston Real Estate: Finding the Perfect Place

One of the most stressful parts about moving to a new city to start law school, is trying to find an apartment that fits your needs and wants. Boston is comprised of various neighborhoods that actually are very different from each other. At BU Law the majority of students live in Allston, Brookline, Fenway or BackBay. Though some do choose to live in the North End or Beacon Hill. The most important thing is for you to love where you are living, so you can come home to relax from the craziness of law school.

My biggest advice for incoming 1L’s is to live as close to school as physically possible, if I could have it my way I would move right into the tower itself. It just makes life so much easier. I ¬†am so fortunate to only be about a 10 minute walk away from campus. Not having to take public transportation everyday makes it much easier to time my schedule, because I don’t have to worry about the T being late, or breaking down etc. Also the walk is a nice way for me to incorporate exercise into my day and a way for me to actively clear my head. I’ve also been grateful to have found a 1/1, living alone can save time from unnecessary drama that roommates (especially roommates in law school) can bring.

You can use websites such as, or Zillow to find good rentals in the area. Additionally, BU has a large amount of property itself. It is also helpful to join Facebook groups of people trying to sublease or rent out their apartments. Quick tip – no licensed broker will ever ask for money to be wired to hold an apartment, or to secure the lease. There are scammers out there so be vigilant.



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