Millenials are weird

These days the birth rate has continued to drop and drop. Baby boomers are blaming Millenials and their strange habits for the decline. There are two examples that the news loves to talk about. First, Millenials are buying more and more houseplants. Instead of raising kids, they are raising cute little succulents. I have fallen into this basic trend and have about 20 plants. I have started growing carrot plants, garlic, succulents, corn, and even an avocado tree! Take a look at this big boy:


Especially in law school where it’s tough to get outside and enjoy the Boston “fresh” air, having some plants to purify the air is a huge plus. It also is mildly therapeutic to take care of your plants and watch them grow. Really makes you feel like you could one day take care of something more important.

Secondly, Millenials are replacing babies with animals. There is a huge market for dog-related gear. Everything from strollers to clothing wear is being marketed to Millenials who are just not ready to start human families. Having a dog in law school sounds like a recipe for disaster – and it is. Being away from home all the time and living in a small apartment is no place for an animal that wants to run free outside. Unless of course, you have one of those small purse dogs.

I have also eaten into this trend, but not in the way you would think. I recently started dog sitting with this service called Rover. You get the chance to take care of a dog for a weekend and make some extra cash without all the responsibilities of owning a dog! It is just as therapeutic to have a fluffy study buddy during the weekend.

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