Admiralty Moot Court 2019

Last year, I wrote about my first time competing in the Judge John R. Brown Admiralty Moot Court competition here. I competed again this year and thought I’d write a post summarizing my second experience!

Logistically, this year’s competition our team was made up of 2/3rds of last year’s team: Sigal and myself as returners, minus Stew who graduated last year. This made things a bit more difficult on our end. We each carried a larger burden than last year with both the brief writing and oral arguments. It was also easier, however, to coordinate and talk through ideas, revisions, and suggestions. Another difference is the fact that we really overhauled our practice regimen this year. We brought in not only our Professor but some of his colleagues, some additional professors, and even a 1st Circuit Clerk to help critique our arguments. We also weren’t afraid to take chances; our oral argument continuously evolved after each and every week of practice and was dynamic as opposed to just repeating portions of our brief. Sigal and I each really found our groove with our oral advocacy skills. It was truly a mental challenge each week, and the help we got from Professor Hooper, Professor Boghraty, and all of our other guest judges made such a difference when we put it into action.¬†At the competition itself, Sigal and I were really proud of how we argued. We felt confident in our abilities ahead of the arguments and we felt confident in our answers to questions in the arguments.

For the fun stuff: this year’s competition was in Charleston which was much more amenable climate-wise than last year’s Seattle venue. The weather was absolutely gorgeous and it was such a fun break from the Boston clamminess! The city of Charleston was intriguing. We stayed one block away from King Street, which is one long street that serves as the city’s shopping and restaurant hub. The ease of access to King Street, the water, and local attractions like historic homes was definitely a plus! The city was walkable like Boston and walking was plenty enjoyable in the 70 degree sunshine. It also attracted quite a few of my friends as an excuse to leave Boston and join us for a quick weekend vacation! We brought our cheering squad to our oral arguments and then were able to get lunch and dinner and explore with them in our down time. We also reconnected with our friends from our favorite team last year and got drinks with them on a few nights, which was really great considering they go to school in California!

When I look back, I enrolled in Admiralty law in my 2L year because a family friend who works in insurance told me about it way before I even entered law school. It certainly has become more than an elective class to me. It has lead me to so much more than that. I never thought it would lead me to two of my best friends, trips to two new cities, strong relationships with professors, a larger network of law school friends from across the country, and an incredible enhancement of my writing skills and oral advocacy skills. And, of course, knowledge about pirate lawyering. Except I think I saw that one coming.


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