BU Law Libraries: A Love Story

The BU Law Libraries are probably my favorite part of the law school. The space is great, and the people are even better. Beyond providing research assistance (a reference librarian is always available at the library, plus online chat assistance and individual appointments), the library team is a one-stop shop for general kindness, helpfulness, and student support. I have lost count of the times that I, in a state of panic, have run into the library for someone to talk to. A short sample of the non-library help I have received from the library team:

  • Pulling up a floor plan to tell me that no, the room I was looking for doesn’t exist.
  • Helping hunt for my (very expensive) Con Law textbook that I absentmindedly left by the printers for two hours.
    • Pro-tip: all casebooks are available for free in the course reserves if you ever get into the same trouble!

Why the plural “libraries?” Well, technically there are two libraries named after two different BU Law alums, but they blend seamlessly. You don’t have to hike to different parts of the school to navigate between your favorite study spots. A quick survey of the space:

  • The second floor reading room (law student only) is a large, beautiful space with windows on the Charles River. Mostly large, shared wooden tables with a smattering of carrels. Serious law school vibes, but supplemented by huge skylights bringing natural light to the interior spaces.
  • The third floor reading rooms offer a more modern ambiance. If you need total silence (and I mean outer space silence), make your way to the third floor quiet reading room, again reserved for law students. Another reading room on the third floor is open to all BU students, but you’ll always find a seat. This reading room also gives you a perfect view of the Charles River.
    • Note: Don’t worry if you need a place to talk—you can reserve a private group study room or step out of the library and into the lively McCausland Commons.
  • Laptops are great, but Mac and PC computer labs on the third floor are essential when you need a full-sized monitor or two.

Also, I hate to reveal my secret spot, but when I need a minute away from the law school, I walk across the plaza to the School of Theology Library. Everyone has different study needs, and BU as a whole offers a million places to study. You’ll find the spot that’s right for you.

Alright, now you know where you will study. But how will you study? Stay tuned for some more ways the BU Law Libraries will help you have a successful 1L year.

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