Summer time

As many of you saw, a while back I wrote a post on rejections. So you were probably wondering if I got a job for the summer… I did! No need to freak out. I am almost 100% sure that everyone gets a job for their 1L summer out of BU. The CDO makes sure of it, even if BU has to employ you themselves – you will have some type of legal position for the summer. Obviously, you should still work to get a job, but just know that you are in good hands if you are at BU law.

I was a little bummed because I have been trying to stay in Boston for the summer – my girlfriend is here and the summer is awesome. However, I got a great internship at the Colorado Supreme Court. Though I had only applied to ten judicial internships just to cover all my bases, I initially did not think that this was the right choice for me. It’s unpaid, I still have to pay rent in Boston, and the hours are long. Logistically speaking, it sounded awful – so I kept applying to Boston jobs. But, little did I know Boston is a tough legal market. We have students here from numerous nearby schools and states who also trying to enter the market. The environmental law community here is extremely small, which makes pursuing my interest in Boston real tough.

So after countless rejections and radio silence from numerous employers, I heard back from the Colorado Supreme Court. I accepted the position after the weekend while waiting to hear from some other employers who had been ghosting me for some time (happens to everyone so don’t feel bad). If this happens to you, make sure to rank the jobs you want, reach out to them and see if they could expedite a decision, and then give the employer who has offered you a position a timeline for when you think you could accept. Don’t drag them on for too long, but don’t miss out on a chance you really want because you accepted the first offer you got.

That being said, this was one of the best offers I had seen and I was not about to let it go for less prestigious unpaid jobs in Boston. Many people in 1L will tell you that if you get a paid legal job for your 1L summer – take it. However, if you are worried about money and are offered an unpaid job know that there are countless resources to get paid your 1L summer like work-study, the PIP grant, and even part-time research positions. I am supplementing the judicial internship with a regulatory research position where I’ll be looking at 7 states and their regulations on fracking. It’s a good chance to learn about the oil and gas industry and get my feet wet in environmental law. Now that you’ve seen the ups and downs of the process, know that everything usually works out in the end.

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