Last Week of Classes for this 3L

This week was my last week of law school classes ever. While I’m not ruling out that I may continue on to another degree (sorry mom & dad & Adam), for all intents and purposes, this is may be my last class forever. I’ve been a student almost my whole life, without any intermission, and realizing that this huge part of me is coming to an end was certainly bittersweet. I definitely don’t want to do law school all over again (I’m not that much of a glutton for punishment), but I’m certainly feeling nostalgic and sad about this part of my life coming to a close.

My last week of class really brought on a lot of emotions. BU has a reputation for having really, really exceptional professors. It’s one of the best parts about this school. My professors really showcased this during our last week of the semester (though they also showcase it all the other weeks, too). It’s a bit of a tradition that seminar professors provide snacks for their students on the last day of classes; seminars are a lot smaller and all the students generally get to interact with the professor in a more nuanced way than in lectures. One of my professors generously got Middle Eastern food catered for our last class which was so appropriate since this class was about immigration! My other professor took our entire class out to the Harvard Club for dinner, which was really special, and gave all of us a chance to get know our professor and fellow students outside the classroom. I learned so much about the world that night—the class topic was International Arbitration and we had a lot of LLM students who added such a unique and incredible perspective to the conversation.

In my two lecture classes, the professors really broke the mold and interacted with us in remarkable ways. One professor who I’ve grown close with was chatting with me after class and offered some really beneficial words of wisdom on how to process and transition away from this amazing school. He’s an alum, too, who practiced before teaching, so he understood exactly what we were all feeling. One of my other professors brought in breakfast food, which was fun in and of itself, but at the end of the class made a speech that really knocked the class out of the park. He discussed that teaching is his passion and what he loves to do, and discussed how our class made teaching so fun for him. It was heartfelt, and genuine, and humbling, and the perfect class to close out my law school career.
And that’s why this was so bittersweet: my fellow classmates are amazing, bright, diverse, and fascinating. My professors are superbly intelligent, dedicated, caring, and wonderful. It’s hard to leave this type of environment behind, knowing there’s still an endless amount of people to learn from and things to learn. It’s difficult to put into words this feeling; nostalgia, but also invigoration for the future; exhaustion, but also triumph; accomplishment but also a yearning to keep doing more. And all of this in light of my future plans, where once the bar is over and I’ve had some time to relax I’m going to go to a law firm that I really and wholeheartedly love and a place I looked forward to going to every single day this past summer. So while I don’t quite want to let go of school just yet, I’ve been striving for and excited for what’s to come after law school for the past year and a half. It’s complicated, just like law school. But the answer, I think, is simple: just be present in every day I have left, and enjoy the rest of the ride.

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