Finals Week on the Beautiful Charles River

It is a sunny day here in Boston! We had a reasonably mild winter, but early spring won’t let up. I feel like it has been gray and drizzly for days and days. Luckily, today is bright and beautiful.

It can be hard for me to tell whether I truly have studied enough or my brain is tricking me into quitting early. Regardless, when I notice the shimmering river outside the library windows, I heed the call to take a break.

As soon as you step out the rear entrance of the law tower, a footbridge at your left takes you over Storrow Drive to a footpath along the Charles River. Even in the middle of the day, you will find folks cycling, running, and walking their dogs. It is a great break from school. Even though BU is an urban campus, its location along the river affords plenty of opportunity for a brief retreat.

Walking along the Charles River

Walking along the Charles River

Occasionally I will catch up on phone calls with family while I walk along the water, but it is often so windy that I seize the opportunity to be technology-free. I highly recommend incorporating similar habits into your life: walking, yoga at FitRec, or coffee with a friend. You may not always be able to free yourself from your textbooks, but the more you try, the easier law school will be.

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