Networking Apparel

Hi Ladies!

One piece of advice I have for incoming 1Ls is to get your business casual AND business professional attire together.

What does the mean?

For business casual, you definitely want pieces that are dressy but show your style. I’m talking colorful dresses, fun skirts, patterned blouses. Think J.Crew, Banana Republic, and LOFT. (All three of those stores also have factory websites, so make that law student budget work!) Why do you need business casual? If you’re grabbing coffee with an attorney, attending a luncheon, or heading to a panel, then business casual is your go to. There are also a ton of networking events that allow you to dress business casual, so you can leave the black suits at home. Which brings me to….

Business professional. Business professional typically means a suit. I do recommend that you invest in a suit. (No, not an expensive one from a store like Theory, but one that fits you well.) In addition, there will be many networking events and also interviews for the summer before 2L year as well as OCI if you choose to participate. Additionally, business professional is required during several “Lawyering” class events such as Moot Court oral arguments and Lawyering Lab simulations. Business professional doesn’t just mean a suit, so definitely try to have a few go-to dresses or skirt-blouse outfits. A few of my favorite places for business profession is once againĀ Banana Republic, but also Ann Taylor, Aritzia, and Nordstrom. (Also check out Nordstrom Rack to be a little more budget conscience.)

I know it sounds tedious to be thinking ahead to these types of events, but it’s one less thing to worry over if you know you’re closet is prepared!


Happy Shopping!

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