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PIP With a Purpose

I apologize to my many devoted readers (Do I even have those?!) for my absence this semester. As you may or may not know, currently, I serve as the Co-President of the Public Interest Project (“PIP”). PIP takes a large amount of my energy, especially as we prepare for our biggest fundraiser, our 22nd Annual […]

Gay? Fine by BU Law**

Law school is about inspiration. You may spend countless hours in the library, more hours in classes, probably more hours in meetings and other networking functions, but ultimately you need to find your own motivation to persevere. Last fall, I was fortunate enough to serve as Treasurer for BU Law’s LGBTQ group, OutLaw. OutLaw has […]

The Incredible Journey (With Less Sally Fields)

I always forget to start at the beginning. I quickly found as a law student that explanations and conclusions are nothing without the force of the rule and precedent before the court. To that end, I’d like to take one small step back and introduce myself in a way that my first entry did not. […]

Where Have We Been, Where Are We Going?

It’s here; that final autumn. For the past two years, I’ve been trapped in an ivory tower and yet, in a few short months, I’ll be shipped off with my freshly pressed shirt, polished shoes, and leather briefcase. But for now, I sit. In class. In the Public Interest Project Office. In meetings. The old […]