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Literary and Legal Intersections

Before entering law school I taught English literature. My work focused on helping students improve their writing, researching, and reading skills, but it is also involved the very abstract responsibility of training young people to think critically about morality, individuality, and society.   The poet and teacher in me reads these cases and delights over their compelling human drama. Of […]

Choosing between Several Acceptances

Applying to law school can be a multi-year process between studying for the LSAT, visiting schools, writing admissions essays, etc. But once you have been accepted, choosing which offer to accept can be difficult unless you have always had your heart set on a dream-school. If you are accepted to multiple schools and are wringing your hands […]

Judicial Internship & 1L Summer Job Search

With the second semester of 1L underway, several things are different from the fall. First, the classes: Criminal Law, Property, and Constitutional Law. Second, we all have some grades now and are working to strategize for a new round of exams. Third, the hunt for the job is on (for most of us). Let’s talk about the third […]

Law School with a Fiancée Pt. 2: Time Management and Support

In anticipation of my fall classes beginning, last summer I read a lot of advice online about how to make the most of the law school experience. A recurring tidbit was not to enter a romantic relationship while you were in law school: “Non-law-students simply won’t understand your schedule.” “You need to devote all your […]

Two Views of Law School: Doctrine and Lawyering Lab

The first semester of 1L behind me and fully rested from break, it was with enthusiasm that I showed up yesterday morning for the first day of spring classes. Yet more than my recent weeks of (1) sleeping in, (2) visiting long-lost friends, and (3) watching all the iterations of Bandersnatch, my experience last week […]