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Associations & Mentors at BU Law

Hi Everyone! I’m going to make this a shorter post to introduce Law Associations and Mentors to you! Organizations at BU Law provide you with networking events, 1L internship advice, and course resources. When looking at law schools definitely explore what types of organizations the school offers to get an idea of where you can […]

Family and Law School

For me, family plays a big part of my law school experience. I talk to my parents and brother regularly. It’s a way for me to decompress and to remind myself there’s more going on than just Law School. I call my mom on my walk home from the T, I call my dad on […]

The 12 Days of Finals

On the first day of finals BU law gave to me: An outline on my computer On the second day of finals BU law gave to me: Two cups of coffee; An outline on my computer On the third day of finals BU law gave to me: Three doctrinals; Two cups of coffee, and An […]

Boston in December

Maybe it has something to do with my birthday being in December but I honestly love the winter and I think (if you can avoid dirty snow) Boston is beautiful in the snow. I crowdsourced the internet and found some fun things happening in Boston… once you survive finals and can enjoy the Holiday Season! Enjoy! THE […]

765 Comm Ave Study Spots

When I was in undergrad, I had my study spot. Third floor back tables of the library. During my tour of BU Law I started wondering where my study spot would be- McCausland Commons? A floor of the library? A study room? The GSU? Some other hidden area? Once classes began, I started exploring the […]