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The Legal Hero(ine)’s Journey: Part Three

Second Stage: The Supreme Ordeal (1L Year) The Ascent: Semester Two It is perhaps not inaccurate to describe the first semester of law school like the entry of daring questers into dangerous foreign territory. Eyes are on them. Times are tough. Though great trials lay behind, new challenges arise (think “Luke destroys the Death Star” […]

Rising 2L (that was fast)

I finished 1L! Ok, but now start thinking about OCI, rising 2L networking events, Business Fundamentals summer class online, your summer internship, and don’t forget… grades will be released soon. I. Breathe: Take a moment to breathe. Go home if you have time, get a haircut, massage, manicure, or all of the above. Just give yourself […]

Gaining Confidence throughout 1L

The year has come to a close at last. I am certain that my first year of law school will serve me well in ways I cannot even foresee right now. Other benefits, however, are already apparent. For instance, the other day my fiancée was re-enrolling in her workplace’s employment benefits program. She was trying […]

Budgeting (or Throwing Money to the Wind)

I was very high-and-mighty about my budget first semester. I cooked lunch for the whole week on Sunday and made coffee every morning. I was able to tend to groceries, laundry, and cooking with plenty of time to study. Flash forward. Let’s just say I spent $50 on Lyfts this week, and the convenience store at the […]

Networking Apparel

Hi Ladies! One piece of advice I have for incoming 1Ls is to get your business casual AND business professional attire together. What does the mean? For business casual, you definitely want pieces that are dressy but show your style. I’m talking colorful dresses, fun skirts, patterned blouses. Think J.Crew, Banana Republic, and LOFT. (All […]