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Info Junkie: My Favorite E-mail Subscription Lists

I’ve determined that I’m kind of an “info junkie.” I love staying on-top of all types of information, whether that be current Supreme Court  cases or latest happenings around Boston. I’ve found that I like to cater my social media and my email to these types of things. Though my inbox is always clogged, as […]

The Best Legal Podcasts

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a huge fan of Podcasts. I’ve been hooked ever since Serial became a sensation when I was still in undergrad. Since then, my taste in Podcasts has changed a bit. My favorite types of shows are definitely wellness and advice themed. Big shocker, I know! If you couldn’t […]

Holiday Travels Podcast: RadioLab’s More Perfect

With winter break comes holiday travels, and with holiday travels comes a lot of time spent in cars and on planes. I’m not a huge podcast person, preferring books and music, but recent bouts of carsickness while reading in the car has forced me to explore the world of podcasts and audiobooks more seriously. One […]