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Summer time

As many of you saw, a while back I wrote a post on rejections. So you were probably wondering if I got a job for the summer… I did! No need to freak out. I am almost 100% sure that everyone gets a job for their 1L summer out of BU. The CDO makes sure of […]

Applying for Judicial Internships

This past semester I had to begin thinking about how I’d spend my 2019 summer. I’m a 1L, so the goal for the first summer is simply to gain some exposure to practical legal work. Opportunities to do so include interning at a law firm, working with in-house counsel at a business, finding a government position, or working with […]

The 1L Summer Job Search

The search for a 1L summer job is certainly an experience. For me, the process was long, stressful, and difficult. It’s not always like that, however, as some people find success quickly. For the most part, a lot of the summer job process is a total shot in the dark; some stuff sticks, some stuff […]