Responding to the Tragedies in Las Vegas and Puerto Rico

We extend our deepest sympathies and expression of support to our students from Las Vegas and all BU Law alumni who live and work there. The mass shooting that killed more than 50 people attending an outdoor concert on Sunday evening has shocked and saddened the entire BU Law community. Our Student Affairs Office is reaching out to individual students from the Las Vegas area to offer resources and assistance.

We also send our thoughts and prayers to all members of the BU Law community and their families who have suffered so much during this year’s hurricane season. Many of us watched San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz, a BU alum of the College of Arts & Sciences, deliver a heart-wrenching plea for more assistance for the island that is still largely without power. This week, we are encouraging the BU Law community to support the recovery efforts in Puerto Rico by making a contribution or writing to legislators. I have pledged to match student donations up to $1,000.

It certainly seems inadequate to offer thoughts and prayers and frustrating to feel so helpless in light of so much suffering. Moreover, our efforts are always under-inclusive: Mexico remains devastated by an earthquake, the US Virgin Islands by Hurricane Maria, and many other nations outside our hemisphere by natural disasters and terrorist events. At the same time, we cannot allow the overwhelming nature of tragedies around the globe deter us from focusing particularly on those that hit closest to home. It is difficult to fathom the anguish that the residents of Puerto Rico and Las Vegas are experiencing right now. We will do what we can to help, and continue to train the next generation of lawyers knowing that they will bring the same care and concern to their clients and the world that they show daily for their colleagues at BU Law.

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