Well Hello Again

It’s 2014, and I’m back–back to Boston, back to classes, back to the bustle of BU.

It’s funny, because when I looked back on my journal that I keep at my apartment here, I had some pretty grim entries from right before I left for Christmas break. I was feeling pretty down, for a variety of reasons.

Luckily, I had a fulfilling Christmas break with my family and now, from here, life looks good from where I’m standing. I’ve submitted all my grad school applications. I’m looking at a bright new semester of creative writing and graphic design and more freedom than I’ve ever had in a semester here.

So yes, life is good. It is well with my soul. I’ve put up new art in my apartment, and put up some inspirational Post-Its on my desk (don’t underestimate the value of a good inspirational Post-It). They read:

Life is not a duty–it is a miracle.

To build the Beloved Community, meet people as equals.

All will be as it should be; all will be as it needs to be.

These are various phrases that have come to me while I’m journaling, and I like to think that one way the Divine communicates to us is through our own writing and reflection. Not that these Post-Its are holding the Word of God–but that the divine spark within us can sometimes nudge our pen, or give us a whisper of a thought that we take and put form to ourselves. These thoughts have come to me in prayer and theological reflection, and I think they’re good for me to look at in the mornings.

Better than my Facebook feed, at any rate.

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