Learning Experience

This past week I got to lead Sunday Morning Book Study on my own for the very first time. I will admit, I did not know what was going to happen going into the meeting. Throughout the week I prepared for the meeting by reading the book and deciding on what questions to ask. On Sunday the group was a lot smaller than usual and this allowed me to get really comfortable and fall into a rhythm of how the discussion would continue. Would I say that the class went completely according to plan, no. But, I do believe that there are some great things to learn from this experience.

The first is that nothing ever goes completely according to plan. I learned that I cannot just assume that everything will work out the way that i have anticipated. I learned that it is important to go with the changes and see what happens; often times the deviations from the plan will find their way back in almost a complete circle.

The second is to not get distraught if something isn’t working out the way it was intended or if a question is not as big of a hit as thought to be. It is okay. Not everything is going to be perfect, especially not on the first try.

The third is that if something is not going in the direction it was hoped to be in, it is okay to try to bring it back to what you were planning. Sometimes passionate discussions will occur because of questions. That is fine! It is also important to make sure that not too much time is spent on one them. Spending proportionate amounts of time on topics and questions is important. It isn’t good to end a conversation too early or too late.

Overall I believe this was a very good learning experience and I enjoyed myself. I can definitely build off of my experience and in my next meeting try to implement what I have learned. Not everything is going to be perfect the first time; however, I believe I am at a good place to start.

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