Monday marked the end of an era in Boston. The Boston Red Sox lost to the Cleveland Indians and were eliminated from the playoffs; this was the last day time that David Ortiz will step on a field to play a game of professional baseball. It is only fitting to talk about “Big Papi” and what he meant to me.

One of the most exciting times in my life was when the Red Sox won the World Series in 2004; David Ortiz was an integral part of that team. He went on to win 2 more World Series with the Red Sox and will be immortalized by having his number retired.

One of the many reasons that he is so beloved in the city of Boston is that he always wore his heart of his sleeve. This was not always the best thing (ie. smashing a phone in the Orioles’ dugout). He was known for allowing his emotions the get the best of him at times. With that being said, for the most part, he had good intentions with the majority of his actions.

He never hesitated to visit sick children in hospitals or make appearances at charity events. He did not just care about getting his money or just doing well on the field. He cared about the community and the fans. He understood that for some fans the game of baseball was an escape from hardship. No he was not perfect all the time. But, no one is. I think it is important for all of us to know that our intentions are as important as our actions. Impulsive actions are often not acceptable. But if you act impulsively it is important and responsible to admit fault and act for forgiveness. Everyone has emotion and sometimes cannot control their actions. Baseball is a great example of realizing fault and moving forward. David Ortiz has had to do this many times in his career. So should we.

On of the better times which Ortiz let his emotions get the best of him was after the Boston Bombing. His heartfelt speech after the tragic events of the Boston Bombing still gives me chills to this day. I remember where I was when the bombing happened; I also remember where I was when David Ortiz gave his speech. Although saying a vulgar term on live television probably was not the plan. I appreciate his devotion to the community and how he too was emotionally impacted by the tragic and horrific events of that day.

I want to thank David Ortiz for his time in Boston. For giving all Bostonians something and someone to cheer for. For rebuilding a historic franchise. For his electric smile. For giving back. No matter where you go, Boston will always be your home. Have a happy retirement.

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