Reflecting On The Past 72 Hours

The past 72 hours have been very stressful for me. I have gone from studying for midterms, to taking two on Tuesday, to doing two labs earlier today. To be quite honest, I did not even know what day it was until a few hours ago; the days have really blended together. Sunday night was the pinnacle of my stress. I studied for the majority of the day for my two midterms on Tuesday.

I found myself studying late into the night and getting increasingly nervous about the upcoming exams. In order to calm myself down I decided that I was going to take a break and watch one of my favorite movies. This was probably the best decision that I could have made. Did it kill “valuable” study time? Yes. However, I feel as though sometimes it is better to keep your sanity in check rather than push through and become overly stressed.

Stress not only limits my ability to work effectively, it also inhibits my retention of information. This can be a lethal combination, especially during midterms and finals. I am always trying to figure out different ways to effectively relieve stress. This time, watching a very funny movie changed my mood.

Hopefully, you have also figured out ways to relieve your own stress. I know that stress is something that I have to live with every day; most people do too. I am using this experience to gage my own limits and figure out when it is time for me to take a break. Taking a break is not always a bad thing. This is not only relevant to studying, but also other things. Breaks allow for positive and constructive reflection. This is important to both growth and stress relief.  

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Devin Harvin posted on October 28, 2016 at 11:23 am

I relate to this so much. Great piece Matt.

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