Many Thanks

Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone I would like to reflect on the great time that I had off. The break was not too long, it never is; but, it was much needed. After a long period of time that had me inundated with schoolwork and extracurriculars, it was nice that I finally got to have some time off. There were no better people to enjoy this break with than my friends and family.

I appreciate every moment that I got to spend with them. They brought me back to sanity and relaxed me after I had been stressing so much from my schoolwork. The support I get from my family is something that I feel I do not appreciate enough.

They are always there to help me and guide me through the any struggles that I may have. They also are able to help keep me up when times are good. Finding anyone who can do this (friends or family) can make a world a difference. I know it has for me.

Without their constant support I do not know if I would be in the same position that I am today. I cannot thank them enough for all that they have done and continue to do for me. Although the break was short, and I feel like I did not get to see people enough, I am glad that I did get to spend whatever time I could with my friends and family. I would like to thank them so much for everything they have done. Thank You!


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