Another new year is beginning at Marsh Chapel and my academic career at BU is now in its second year. My first year at BU taught me to think more deeply and consider why things are rather than accepting the way they are. This year, I hope to consider how and where I spend my time. My academic classes and piano repertoire are becoming more rigorous and I am beginning to understand the importance of spending time to not only practice a craft, but contemplate how to approach my studies.

I feel that if I use this technique with my faith, I will begin to grow in that respect as well. Having a more complete picture of the historical, political, and theological opinions on biblical texts I encounter this year will lead me to a more lucid understanding of my own relationship with God and how I can be a more informed member of the Christian faith.

Taking time is important. I reflect upon the Ecclesiastes verse, “There is a time for all things.” At this moment in my life most of my time is spent quickly learning and analyzing where I will go next. But perhaps it is as important to also take time to contemplate and reflect upon where I am now. Perhaps it is important to give my time to others. Perhaps it is important to give myself the grace to take time for myself. These are things I begin to consider as time passes on.

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