Growing up A Church Kid


I was born and raised in Birmingham, AL and was baptized in the Episcopal church. My mom grew up Baptist, and my dad grew up Presbyterian. When my mom was in her 20s she discovered the Episcopal faith, and has been an Episcopalian ever since. When my dad married my mom, he converted from Presbyterian to Episcopalian.  I grew up in the Episcopal church, and I can remember from an early age going to Sunday school and singing songs and learning the Lord’s Prayer . As I grew up I got more involved. I was in children’s choir, acolyted, and was Crucifer on a few occasions. My parents were heavily involved in the diocese of Alabama, particularly Cursillo and Ultreya, and I would go along when I was as young as 2 years old.  I am still Episcopalian, and my faith has actually deepened over the years.

My spiritual practices have become vital for me at Boston University for two major  reasons. For one, my spiritual practices have provided me with a very solid foundation that I feel has given me something to stand on and has helped guide me through college these past two years and has helped lead me in the right direction in terms of decision making and choosing to do the right thing. Another way that my faith has become vital for me at Boston University is that it has given me a church family in a way because thanks to Marsh Chapel I have been able to make connections and friendships that I would not have otherwise experienced.

Lastly, my practices are both the same and different because there are components that are the same as I grew up with, but there are also a couple of differences. I am Episcopalian and I always have been and always will be. However, the difference is that my faith is actually stronger now than it was growing up because I feel more guided now than I did growing up throughout elementary, junior, and high school. Finally, there is a difference because I have connections and experiences that I did not have when I was younger.

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