The holidays are  a time to reflect on what we have and look forward with hope at the future, the year we have ahead of us. Christmas itself has become a very commercialized holiday, with advertisements and commercials for the hottest toys, technology, etc. We get so caught up sometimes during the holidays in finding the right gifts, and Christmas lists that we forget what Christmas is really about. Christmas isn’t about shopping or spending money. Christmas is about celebrating the arrival of Christ. The holiday season tends to be a stressful time for college students as well, with finals being all that we think (and worry) about. We need to focus less on what is out of our control.

As a side note, I’ve always been the kind of person that wanted to be in control of everything. I don’t know why I wanted to have so much control over my life, I guess it made me  feel better knowing exactly what was going to happen, how everything was going to happen, etc. I’ve learned this semester that I cannot control everything and I certainly don’t have to micromanage my life down to every detail. I’ve learned I have to let God take control.  With God in charge, I know everything will be okay.




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