A Chilly Breeze

There’s a chill in the air again here in Boston.

Over the summer, I spent most of my time inside the semi-cool Green Line cars and indoors in office buildings, escaping the hot-humid air.

But upon the start of the school year, there is that, all too familiar now, chilling breeze, signaling the entrance of Fall as I watch the trees just begin to turn from green to yellow. Like any other year, that breeze has brought with it thoughts of the season to come. The cozy sweater season. The MOVE hot-chocolate giveaway season. The no more wearing shorts season.

Yet, there’s something unfamiliar about this year’s breeze too. It reminds me that this is the last cool season of my undergraduate career. The slight chill in the air mimics my minds wanderings, every now and then reminding me to check-in on what’s next for my future self. When I feel this tinge I often will turn from BU life and look at the LinkedIn page once more, read-over job climate articles, check how much graduate school costs, or simply dream of an apartment in New York City.

As I reflect upon these methods of calculation for anticipating the next season of my life, I recognize that I do not seem to be looking back too much, but rather looking immediately forward. I think I might need a bit more balance in this regard. Perhaps, it’s time to read across some of these old blogs, look through some old essays, listen to some old recordings. I feel as though it might be worthwhile to take account of where I’ve come, before looking too far into the future. Enjoy the chilly breeze, rather than be pushed along by it.

Balance. Balance.

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nedayasin posted on May 29, 2023 at 2:15 am

Reviewing the memories of the past has always been a good and pleasant pleasure that cannot be described…

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