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On Endings and Beginnings

I used to think Easter was about an ending. An ending I was unwilling to celebrate. I understood the miracle of the new baby, wrapped in love, cooing in a stable. The beginning made so much sense, the possibility, the hope. I understood how to love the beginning, how to be wrapped up like that […]

A Biology of Goodness

So as a freshmen in college I had a naive idea that if I ignored my general education requirements, my science, math and language requirements, they would eventually disappear and I could spend all my time studying the religion and theology I wanted to. Well as naïve freshmen thoughts often are, I was wrong. And […]

Looking Forward, Looking Back

I’ve reached that phase in every senior’s last year of college where a combination of heart wrenching nostalgia, incredible enthusiasm for the future, and moderate indifference for the present has manifested into a massive case of senioritis. Because of the unseasonable weather today I opted against the T and walked to Sanctuary. As I walked […]

Another Dialogue Blog

So as is our tradition, the two of us (Courtney and Jaimie), go to Kenmore square after church to indulge in some really wonderful falafel sandwiches.  When we got in line the woman behind the counter asked us to wait because she needed to make some more falafel balls. While we were waiting a group […]

My Faith and My Body

Tonight at my first official event as president of the Interfaith Council at BU, I moderated a panel discussion called Faith and the Body. In this discussion people from a couple of different faith backgrounds came together to talk about the intersection of our religious and spiritual lives with our human, body-having lives. One of […]

It’s Enough

I’m feeling all of the feelings right now. I’m tired, and overwhelmed with all of my classes and commitments. I’m so unbelievably excited about graduating soon and applying for Divinity school, and yet I’m a little terrified about this next big step in my life. I’m struggling to keep up with all of things I’ve […]

Reclaiming My Voice

Singing has always been apart of my life. My mom says I started singing long before I started talking. And I remember how I would make up my own little songs and sing them all over my house. My brother would get so mad, because I would use non-sense syllables like ‘dum’ (this was back […]

Wandering at Walden

This past weekend I had the privilege of joining the UU student group from Northeastern University on a Saturday retreat to Walden Pond. We spent the day meandering around the pond, sometimes silent, sometimes talking. We stood in front of the rock piles where Thoreau had lived. As many visitors before us had, we attempted […]

Covenanting, not Creed

I was talking with a UU friend about our elevator speeches recently. These are the 15-second sound bites that you could spout off if you wanted to explain our religion to someone in an elevator. Part of our coming of age process as UUs is reading multiple elevator speeches from other people and then coming […]

Sharing our Gifts

This week at Sanctuary, I got the privilege of welcoming and getting to know a first time participant in our community. She just moved to Boston for college and is still getting used to the whole transition, but found her to way to Sanctuary. To say she fell in love immediately would be an understatement! […]