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The End of the Baseball Season

Unfortunately, the Boston Red Sox fell to the Houston Astros last night in the fourth game of the ALDS. The end of a season. A year’s worth of work, sweat, dedication, and hopes dashed with one last out. I have a similar feeling about school at this point. Sometimes I put in copious amounts of […]

Me Me Me

My Collegiate Identity is one I find to be increasingly about “I.” My future. My homework. My schedule. My needs. It is hard not to focus solely on oneself in an atmosphere that encourages us to look inward at our true identities, taking four (or more) years of discovery to find our personal passions, preferences, and […]

He Has Made Me Glad

This week I came upon an organist and musician by the name of Cory Henry. He is the frontman for a group by the name of the Funk Apostles, as well as a regular organist and music leader for a number of churches around the nation. One piece of his in particular stood out to me […]


Another new year is beginning at Marsh Chapel and my academic career at BU is now in its second year. My first year at BU taught me to think more deeply and consider why things are rather than accepting the way they are. This year, I hope to consider how and where I spend my […]

The Last Page of the First Chapter

Today I write my blog post from room 909 in Sleeper Hall. Just nine months ago I began my college career by moving into this same room with fear, anticipation, and curiosity. Now, I sit in the same room with with very different feelings: thankfulness, hope, and excitement. I will be leaving room 909 at approximately […]

Different Points of View

I have encountered a difficult situation earlier this week that I have been thinking over quite regularly.   Earlier this semester, I became friends with a girl on my floor who is incredibly nice and smart. A bio-medical engineering major, she is both hard working and passionate about her studies. She is also a conscientious and […]

I Will Walk With You

About two weeks ago now, I noticed blue footprints along the Commonwealth Ave. sidewalk. Obviously, I walk along the same one mile stretch of concrete and brick everyday, so the change in scenery was quite noticeable. As I continued to walk back to my dorm, I noticed a sentence written in the same blue paint, […]

Choosing Housing

Today I experienced just how fast housing is snatched up at Boston University. Earlier this month, my three friends and I put together a list of options ranging from East to West campus. We were very organized and checked the housing availability website regularly. Then today our time came to choose our housing. With each […]

La-La Land

On the crowded plane coming back to Boston yesterday I finally watched the critically acclaimed “La-La Land.” The stereotypical Los Angeles palm trees and cloudless skies that made up the backdrop for Ryan Reynolds and Emma Stone’s performances made me reminisce about my own childhood in LA. It seemed as though I spent more time during […]

Moving Towards Progress

Yesterday, M.O.V.E. finally had our first meeting. After two weeks of detailed planning with Denise and Nick we launched our new program. It is both exciting and worrying to start something new. My perfectionist attitude towards my work is difficult to appease and I generally feel as though my work should be improved. Throughout these […]