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Clarifying My Last Post

Last week I wrote a post about being a first generation american and how that has affected me. I also talked about how people should not categorize others based off of what they look like, sound like, or where we are from. Today I am going to elaborate more on the main points and ideas […]

A Hyper-sensitized Society

Almost every Sunday at Marsh we have an interdenominational book study. A topic was brought up in class that I felt very strongly about: the way in which people separate themselves between “us” and “them.” For some reason humans always feel the need to categorize other humans into specific groups. These are groups based on […]

The Impact of Others

“Treat others as you want to be treated.” I am sure that we have all heard this at one point in our lives. This all sounds well but does it really mean anything? Of course this tries to teach us to be respectful of others, but does that truly do anything. I believe interactions with […]

The Book of Eli

Movies are often used as a platform for not only making money, but also expressing and addressing certain issues. Hollywood has an interesting way of trying to spin certain issues and try to lead our decision making. About a month ago I saw a movie called “The Book of Eli.” For those of you do […]

Respecting an Enemy

I know this is about a week late, however, it is something that I believe needs to be addressed and is very relatable in some facets of life. With that being said, this ideals that I am going to be talking about may not translate well into all facets of life and should be read […]

The Power of Reactions

During discussion this past week my professor said something that resonated with me. In our discussion of Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations, my professor said: “you can’t control the things that happen to you, but you can control your reaction.” This not only applies to the times where Aurelius ruled over Rome, but it can also be […]


Today’s society revolves around individual’s ability to communicate their beliefs and ideals with others. Rhetoric is a class that is required as part of the College of General Studies’ core curriculum (a curriculum in which I am required to take this semester). Rhetoric is the act of using speech or written language in order to […]