About Me

To say that I’m simply a sports journalist would be leaving out a lot of elements that I like to include in my work. Originally I started out as a fan (and I’d still like to think I am) of many different teams. From the Bruins to the Patriots, USA Hockey and above all BU hockey, I started out as a fan From an early age I knew I loved sports. I played hockey and baseball growing up and knew I wanted to somehow stay involved in the game.

The summer going into eighth grade, I created a blog devoted to BU hockey. It was rather underwhelming; Full of typos and lacking content, but I knew that covering sports interested me. After some long summer nights in which I stayed up until 3/4am redesigning and retooling the layout, I figured out how to use Blogger. Over the years the blog has morphed into something from nothing. Originally it was all (bad) writing, but eventually, I started taking pictures. This is where I learned how to take a quality photo and use a camera. I taught myself a lot through my blog and its something I continue to this day.

After four years at Medfield high school, I did an extra year of high school at Bridgton Academy in Maine to further my grades and hockey career. I was lucky enough to get recruited to Suffolk University to play Division III college hockey. Unfortunately, I was one of the last cuts prior to my freshman year, so I did not end up ever playing a game for Suffolk. I stayed in school there for a year and a half before making the jump to BU, a school that I had long to be a part of. For me, BU is a dream come true. My father attended grad school here and not long after bought a pair of BU hockey season tickets. Almost all of my Friday and Saturday nights growing up involved us going to games together. It where I learned the game and fell in love with the school. The tickets served as my “media pass” for five seasons until I was finally credentialled in 2016.

After two semesters, I have joined WTBU and work broadcast some of the woman’s hockey games. I also work for the men’s hockey team as a photographer for the team’s website. This is why I would describe myself more as a sports media person than simply a sports journalist.