Boston Field Trips

JFK Library

School programs on JFK and Civil Rights Movement:


Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the U.S. Senate

Senator-In-Training: A senate simulation for grades 3-7, and 8-12:


Commonwealth Museum

Learn more about Massachusetts history:


Massachusetts State House

Teacher Activist Groups

Feeling inspired to do more?  Here are some organizations focused on teacher activism. Some of these sites also have links to other curricular materials.

There are also links to local chapters and other chapters.

Chicago's group has one of the better websites:

There's also the Education for Liberation Network:

And Rethinking Schools:

Understanding the Electoral College

The National Archives and Records Administration has a highly informative website about the electoral college.  As its name suggests, the site contains information on both the most recent election as well as historical election results.

For more visual learners, there are maps under the "Predict Election Results and Analyze Results" tab.

At the bottom of the "Resources" tab are some links specifically for electoral college teaching resources.

Digital Literacy: Are your sources CRAAP?

Digital literacy should be a part of every subject:

The article links to a useful checklist for students to evaluate their sources using the CRAAP checklist:

(Or here, in more of a handout-type format):

CRAAP stands for: