Experts available to discuss State of the Union address

The following Boston University professors are available to give expert commentary and analysis on President Obama’s State of the Union address. All are regular contributors to PoliticoArena.

07-2325-008Tom Whalen, Associate professor, Social Sciences; Expert on Modern American politics and culture, American foreign policy, and the American presidency.

Contact 617-353-4785,



fiedler_tom Tom Fiedler, Dean of the College of Communication; Expert on American politics, political reporting.

Contact 617-353-3488,


hurley2010Cornelius Hurley, Director of the Morin Center for Banking & Financial Law; Expert on banking law.

Contact 617-353-3023,


davidson2Stephen Davidson, Associate professor of Health Care Management and Management Policy; Expert on health care reform.

Contact 617-353-7422,


MWilliamsMark Williams, Executive-in-residence/Master Lecturer in Finance and Economics; Expert on banking industry.

Contact 617-358-2789,