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From Joan Salge Blake:

Augustus Richard Norton on Egypt: The power of the generals is in the spotlight

Boston University international relations professor Augustus Richard Norton is an expert on the Middle East and a member of the Baker-Hamilton Iraq Study Group. He is the author of “Hezbollah: A Short History”. He offers the following commentary on the situation in Egypt, the role of the military, and a possible successor to Honsi Mubarak. “The […]

Sex and the Bible: BU professor’s new book breaks it down

In her recently published book, Unprotected Texts: The Bible’s Surprising Contradictions About Sex and Desire, Boston University School of Theology (STH) Professor Jennifer Wright Knust addresses the many questions and debates surrounding what the  Bible says about sex.  Covering everything from premarital sex and sexual desire to same-sex relations, Knust argues that the Bible cannot and […]

SED’s Charles White on civic engagement post Arizona shooting

The MetroWest Daily News included an opinion piece by SED Associate Professor Charles White in today’s paper entitled Civic education in uncivil times:

James Collins elected to prestigious National Academy of Engineering

James J. Collins, professor of biomedical engineering at the College of Engineering (ENG) and co-director of the Center for BioDynamics, has been elected to the National Academy of Engineering (NAE) for contributions to synthetic biology and engineered gene networks. Collins becomes the third BU professor to be elected to the prestigious group joining President Robert […]

North and South Korea hold military talks

Boston University international relations professor William Keylor, author of “A World of Nations: The International Order Since 1945,” offers the following comments on the military talks being held by North and South Korea: “With everyone’s attention focused on North Korea, wondering what its next provacative move will be, not enough attention has been devoted to […]

From Joan Salge Blake:

Potassium Power! According the just released Dietary Guidelines for Americans for 2010, most Americans are falling short of their daily potassium needs, which could be wrecking havoc with their blood pressure. According to the report, over 55% of Americans have high blood pressure or are on their way to getting high blood pressure in the […]

Experts available to discuss AOL/Huffington Post deal

AOL announced it will acquire The Huffington Post for $315 million. Boston University professors are available to discuss what the deal means for the future of news and its impact on their brands and reputations. Tom Fiedler, Dean of the College of Communication; Former executive editor of the Miami Herald Contact 617-353-3488,   T. […]

Fighting the Winter Doldrums

For many people, a seemingly never-ending winter and decreased amounts of daylight can mean the onset of seasonal affective disorder (SAD).   While the effects of SAD may now be at their peak, the good news is that the days are starting to get longer again.  For more info about SAD and how to combat it, check out the video below […]

Robert Zelnick on events in Egypt

Robert Zelnick, Boston University journalism professor and former ABC News foreign correspondent, appears on Fox News as part of a panel discussion on how events in Egypt will affect the U.S. and the world.   Contact Robert Zelnick, 617-353-5007,