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James Post talks to Bloomberg Television on what’s next for Rupert Murdoch & leadership at News Corp.

Contact James Post at 617-353-4162,

The reputation of Rupert Murdoch

Peter Morrissey is an associate professor of public relations at Boston University’s College of Communication. He is also an expert in reputation management and offers the following comments on what steps Rupert Murdoch should take in regard to his PR and reputation. “Rupert Murdoch is trying to stay above water, but I’m sure the News […]

Can the Red Sox keep it going?

With the All-Star break over, all eyes in baseball are now on October. So, can the Boston Red Sox keep their season going strong?  Thomas Whalen, Associate Professor of Social Science at Boston University and author of When the Red Sox Ruled: Baseball’s First Dynasty 1912 – 1918 (Rowman & Littlefield Publishing, Inc.), offers analysis on the […]

Cornelius Hurley on the debt ceiling crisis

With the August 2 default deadline looming, President Obama and the GOP are still miles apart on an agreement in their debt ceiling crisis debate. Cornelius Hurley, a professor at Boston University’s School of Law and director of the school’s Center for Finance, Law & Policy, gave his view in a post earlier this week […]

Campaign 2012: Tom Fiedler & John Carroll on polls

In today’s installment of our “Campaign 2012” series,  Tom Fiedler, Dean of Boston University’s College of Communication, and John Carroll, an assistant professor of mass communication, share their views on whether the public should be paying attention to presidential polls. Contact Tom Fiedler at 617-353-3488,, Twitter: @BUCOMDEAN Contact John Carroll at 617-353-3493,, Twitter: […]

Arab League supports Palestinian bid for UN recognition

The Arab League said it will support a bid by Palestine to seek full membership in the United Nations later this fall. The move to statehood is opposed by Israel, the United States, as well as some countries in the European Union. It is believed that such a move will set up a confrontation with […]

Campaign 2012: Tobe Berkovitz on polls

In today’s installment of our “Campaign 2012” series, Tobe Berkovitz, an associate professor of advertising at Boston University’s College of Communication, gives his analysis on whether or not people should be paying attention to polls at this time. Contact Tobe at 617-353-7742,, Twitter: @tobetv

Kevin Gallagher on the debt ceiling crisis

In an opinion piece for the British newspaper The Guardian published in May, Boston University international relations professor Kevin Gallagher wrote why it’s important that the U.S. raise the debt ceiling. “The US should raise the debt ceiling and increase government spending toward infrastructure and green technologies in order to expand the economy. Without growth, […]

Tom Fiedler on News of the World scandal

Tom Fiedler, Dean of Boston University’s College of Communication, talks to WBZ-TV about the scandal facing Rupert Murdoch’s empire and what it means for American journalism. Contact Tom at 617-353-3488,, Twitter: @BUCOMDEAN.

Cheating scandal rocks Atlanta Public Schools

According to a state report released last week, 178 teachers and administrators in 44 Atlanta schools have been implicated in a cheating scandal involving standardized tests issued annually at Georgia’s public elementary and middle schools.  The report claims that educators changed incorrect answers themselves or encouraged students to change them in order to meet specific […]