Make a Difference Monday

By Sabrina Harper, BU Dining Service Sustainability Coordinator

BU Dining Services offers food with a lower carbon footprint that is friendlier to both the environment and you!

BU Dining Services has partnered with the Sargent Choice Nutrition Center to offer a special menu on one Monday per month that reflects a lower carbon footprint.  This means we are focusing on serving foods that are locally-grown, organic, as well as choosing sustainable seafood, natural poultry and vegetables over red meat and pork, once a month. Sargent Choice will have a tables at this event to spread information on the benefits of eating less meat and more plant foods, and healthy tips for vegetarian eating.

Why are we choosing poultry and seafood over red meat and pork?

First of all, beef is very taxing on the environment. The carbon footprint of one pound of beef is 15 pounds while chicken is only 3.4 pounds.  That’s a big difference!  Also, did you know that it takes around 2,500 gallons of water to produce a pound of beef?  Compare that to a pound  of organic tofu produced in California, which uses only 220 gallons of water. The UN estimates that livestock production is responsible for one fifth of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, which is more than the entire transportation sector!**

In addition, lower red meat consumption has been shown to lower your risk of obesity, type II diabetes, cancer, heart disease and extend life expectancy.

Why Eat Local?

Eating local food is also great for you, your community and the environment.  Locally-grown produce tends to be tastier because it comes from a shorter distance and is picked at its peak ripeness.  Because it’s coming from a shorter distance, local food carries a lower carbon footprint.

When Dining Services purchases locally-grown and processed foods, we are supporting the local economy:  our neighbors, the community, New England farmers, as well as maintaining more open space in the region for agricultural use.

Some of the great products we will be showcasing, you can find on a regular basis at all residential dining halls as well as the GSU Food Court.

Make a Difference Monday is an all day event featuring a special menu in your dining hall on:

Monday, February 28th
Monday, March 28th
Monday, April 18th

You’ll get a chance to meet the Sargent Choice team during the following times:

February 28th

Warren & Towers:   11:30-1:30
Myles & Shelton:    5:30-7:30
West                     6:00-8:00

March 28th

Warren & Towers:   11:30-1:30
Myles & Shelton:    5:30-7:30
West                     6:00-8:00

April 18th

Towers, Myles & Shelton:   5:30-7:30
Warren & West:                 6:00-8:00

If you’re tweeting what you’re eating be sure to include @sargentchoice @budiningservice and #MakeADifferenceMonday

**Information sourced from the United Nations FAO, The Monday Campaign.

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