Best of the Food Web: Slow Food at BU

By Kelli Swensen, Dietetics Student, Sargent College


Every Wednesday this semester we will be posting about a new blog or cooking website that we love! The internet is filled with food websites, and our goal is to arm you with the “Best of the Food Web”!

One of the great things about a large university like BU, is the huge number of student groups on campus that you can get involved with! One such group is called Slow Food BU. We all know what fast food is — those lovely golden arches that deliver you a meal of a burger and french-fries in less than five minutes (try not to think about the serious amounts of fat, grease, and empty calories about to be consumed) — but what is slow food? Slow food is a movement away from unhealthy fast food chains and back to the farm and your own kitchen. Think key words like “sustainability”, “organic”, “local”, “homemade”, and you will start to get a grasp of what Slow Food BU is all about. To find out more about the club and how to get involved email them at Don’t have time for another extracurricular but are still interested in the slow food movement? No worries! Slow Food BU has a blog, which posts campus activities, slow food-related events happening around Boston, and reviews of Boston and Cambridge restaurants that are “Slow Food-worthy”. In the about me page, Slow Food BU is described as a “gathering of food lovers who want to share good food and who care about how it reaches our plates.” If you fit that description definitely check out their blog!

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