Celebrating Food


By Allison Mars, Dietetics Student, Sargent College

To me, every day is food day, but October 24 is national Food Day created by The Center for Science in the Public Interest, and endorsed by many celebrity chefs and foodies. I think these two quotes summarize the ideas behind Food Day pretty well.

“Food day is a chance to celebrate the power good food has to nourish us and bring us together” – Ellie Krieger

“ Food day is about eating more food that comes from farms and less food that comes from factories” – Morgan Spurlock

Food Day is all about bringing people together through real, nutritious food. It’s all about food. The six food day principles are:


Food Day people across the country will be hosting events. If you want to find an event in your city just follow this link and type in your zip code! If you want to celebrate but don’t want to attend an event, try preparing one of the recipes from the Food Day cook book, or make it a whole food week and buy some produce from a Farmer’s Market and cook some real food every night for dinner! Whatever you do, you’re sending a message by participating in Food Day celebrations: it’s time for real, sustainable food for health, not just our health, but the health of our planet.

Do you have any ideas for Food day? Or a favorite recipe you’re going to make? Let us know!

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