Healthier Halloween: Keep Your Costume the Scariest Part of Your Night

By Alli Mars, Dietetics Student, Sargent College

Dentists’ least favorite day of the year is upon us…Halloween. It’s a day full of fun costumes and plenty of sweets and treats. Everyone loves to go candy crazy on Halloween but we have some tips to make this day a little less sugar filled but still just as delicious.

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–          Try making some candy swaps. Look for ones that have a better ingredient profile, such as not listing sugar as the first ingredient. Health Castle made up a helpful list here

–          Make some baked goodies or other treats instead of eating candy.


Try Cooking Light’s Peanut Butter Caramel Corn

o   If you’re throwing a party don’t just put out bowls of candy – get creative! Make some Thai cashew brittle, or Cinnamon cider candied apples from Cooking Light who has a great Halloween treat list


–          If you’re going out, eat before you leave. If you’re eating on an empty stomach you’ll be more likely to fill up on the snacks at the party which might not be the healthiest. Try have a fiber-rich snack such as some cut-up fruit or veggies and hummus which will keep you full while you party away.

Need ideas? Check out our homemade hummus, pita chips, and baked chickpea recipes!

–          When you’re eating candy a smaller size doesn’t mean you can eat more. Grab a few of your favorite candies and stop there.  Limiting yourself now will save you more candy to have later and stop that sugar high followed by an ultra-crash.

Have a great Halloween weekend!

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