Dietitians Worth Tweeting About

By Kelli Swensen, Dietetics Student, Sargent College

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With so many people professing to be nutrition experts these days, it can get confusing who to turn to. A couple weeks back we featured a post showing the differences between titles of nutrition “experts”. Be sure to check out the post, but the take away message was that registered dietitians are the gold standard in nutrition information. So how do you find an RD? Huffington Post just made it easy for you with their list of the top RD’s to follow on Twitter! Not a Twitter user? No problem! Click on the name of a dietitian to go to her personal website!

While this is a great list, it’s not complete without the remarkable dietitians in the BU community. From staff to alumni, be sure to also add these women to your daily Twitter feed!

  • Joan Salge Blake @joansalgeblake
  • Sarah Butler @ButlerRD
  • Laura Judd @LJuddRD
  • Elizabeth Jarrard @elizabetheats
  • Corinne Dobbas @RDCorinne


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