March 4

Justifying Grace

By Marsh Chapel

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Mark 8: 31-38


H Thurman:  the ocean and the night

Journey from sensation to reflection

Seven days a week discipline, faith and technology

Justifying grace:  in trouble, at connection, by humility, as abandon

Scripture and Struggle

Mark 70ad

Disciples ‘behind’

Moderate Critics (Weeden), Critical Moderates (Marcus)

Must Jesus Bear the Cross Alone?

Thou with a scornful wonder

Cruciform character of divine love

A little rain, Ecc. 9:11

Church always both a representation and distortion of divine

Starkness of cross

Sterness of cross

A friend in need

Faith finds us in trouble

Grace in trouble is justifying grace

Tradition and Connection

To this place, our part of the parade

Hello again, Hello

Faith and technology, faith and culture

Absorb and Utilize

10 BU presidents

Alexander Graham Bell

Connection! And with new media too

Crackling connection

Grace in a moment of connection is justifying grace

Reason and Humility

Others faith, and my own?

Old teacher who speaks to but not for and so not to

From independence to dependence (life, friendship, faith, love, hope, heaven)

Margaret Fuller’s 4 questions

God be merciful to me, a sinner

V Havel, 2 quotes

Intelligence unleavened by kindness is dangerous

Dangerous piercing, tattooed by compunction

I Kant:  Critique of Pure Reason

M. Robinson, E Kohak

Grace in a sense of humility is justifying grace

Experience and Abandon

Oceanside, Pelican

Waves, Surf, Tide, Surfer, Swimmer, in and out, in and out

That undulating, grounding, supportive grace

Dad, Malibu, walking, nourished by the waves, in and out, in and out

Teaching beginners:  square knot, English idioms, Greek alphabet, swimming

Prone Float:  Justifying Grace

Altar Call:  first time, or in a long time, or on the long journey

The beginning of faith is learning to float, trust, depend, believe


Summary: trouble, connection, humility, abandon

New Beginnings

Invitation to justifying grace, to Eucharist

Ye that do truly and earnestly repent

H Thurman:  the ocean and the night

~The Reverend Dr. Robert Allan Hill,
Dean of Marsh Chapel

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