Social Media Communicators meeting 06/29/2010: Facebook Social Plugins and Radian6

On Tuesday, June 29th, the Social Media Communicators group met to learn more about Facebook’s social plugins from Ryan Bersani of Alumni Relations, and Radian6 from Jacki DeAngelo and Adriane Dean of SMG.


Ryan started by presenting some of his experiments with Facebook’s social plugin tools. He has incorporated them on his own into alumni event registration pages (managed with the help of Harris Connect). He has a test site and has set up redirects for the Facebook components with the format (where xxxx is the event and date indicator). Ryan explained that the redirects are necessary because WordPress (on which the alumni site is built) does not support the alteration of meta tags, which is required for some Facebook social plugins to be functional.

Radian6Jacki DeAngelo and Adriane Dean shared their experience in using Radian6. Though they have been using it for a short time, they are already understanding the depth of what Radian6, a web conversation monitoring tool, can provide. They emphasized the “river of news” portion of the tool as being most useful, and the ability to gauge sentiment around a particular professor or program is useful. They noted that much of Radian6‘s features are more catered to corporate clients, rather than higher ed (for example, brand sentiment comparisons), but they have been tweaking the system to cater to the information they’re interested in. Jacki and Adriane would be glad to set up a tutorial one-on-one with anyone in the SMC group who is interested in test driving Radian6.


Lauren Vargas posted on August 10, 2010 at 2:11 pm

It is great to see higher ed institutions using the tool and discovering how it aligns with thier specific business goals. Please let us know if we can help tweak the topic profile or functionality of widgets to best serve your needs. Also, we would love to know more about how BU is using the tool. If you would like to tell me more, please do not hesitate to contact:

Lauren Vargas
Sr. Community Manager at Radian6

Jenny Mackintosh posted on August 18, 2010 at 3:46 pm

Thank you, Lauren, for visiting!

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