Boston University is now on Foursquare

As we had mentioned in our last Social Media Communicators meeting, we have been in talks with Foursquare about getting BU on board. We’re happy to announce that today, our official page has been launched:

Boston University on Foursquare

Our account is now manager of the majority of campus venues. If you have previously been the manager of your venue (for example, Raul in the Howard Thurman Center), this should still be the case. If you are a Social Media Communicator and would like to become a manager of your location, send us an e-mail with your Foursquare username and we’ll add you. This will allow you to edit your building’s information and add specials.

Additionally, if you search for your venue and find false information in the profile (ex. phone numbers, category, missing Twitter handle, etc.) please let us know and we can change it. We will talk more about this, along with launching specials, at the September meeting.

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