Recap: The Science of Blogging, a webinar by Dan Zarrella and HubSpot

Recently, some members of Public Relations sat in on Dan Zarrella’s webinar, “The Science of Blogging.” Lauren Davalla has some key takeaways that she’d like to share with the group. You can view the slides below.


  • Blogging is a cornerstone to SM campaign
  • Focus on “combined relevance” which should tell you the reason your content matters – also, “personal relevance” which is why content is important to your specific audience
  • Content should, first and foremost, be audience focused and not vehicle to push information about one’s self (on blog as well we other SM platforms)
  • Potential audiences are looking for a “point of view” on blogs
  • Use “Social Proof” to verify your content by embedding SM buttons and prove to audience the relevancy of posts
  • Grammar and writing quality matter
  • Weekends are ideal for sharing content
  • Custom designed formats are ideal
  • Make blog post titles descriptive to drive appeal on SM sharing sites
  • Multiple blog authors, with profiles, is preferred
  • Limiting categories can help page organization
  • Avoid “TLDR” (too long, didn’t read)

Want to watch the webinar yourself? Dan’s talk is hosted in its entirety on HubSpot.

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Zane Whiteaker posted on August 29, 2011 at 4:52 am

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