Weekly roundup of social media news & ideas: June 27-July 1, 2011

Below are some articles that caught our interest this past week:

On Facebook, Bigger Isn’t Always Better (10,000 Words): When asking how many Facebook fans you should have, consider the quality of those fans — are they participating? Are they visiting regularly?

10 Blogging Tactics That Increased One Business’ Traffic by 300% (Hubspot Blog): Using your blog as an FAQ repository and posting regularly (this business posted twice per week) are great ideas we’re planning on implementing here. What other tips have helped you build interest in your blog?

WordCamp 2011 is being hosted at Boston University. There is even an education track — check the schedule today.

Asian Slur Video Surfaces at Syracuse University (Storify): A great case study in how a school’s public relations team should consider social media as part of their crisis communications plans.

The Web Is Shrinking. Now What? (AllThingsD): Paying attention to the distinction to the “social web vs. the searchable web.”

@ is the Universal Sign of Engagement (Brian Solis): What real engagement (vs. reactionary conversation) really means. Found this article via Professor Steve Quigley and his Summer Session 1 #BUNewMedia class. Follow the hashtag on Twitter for updates and interesting articles.

Boston University and Social Media (Emma Tangerine): Emma Tangoren‘s blog post on what transpired this week between BU Students and @USATODAYcollege is a must-read. Many social media communicators and their efforts were mentioned. Also see her Storify summary and the related BU Quad article.

Anything we might be missing? Have an article that struck a chord for you this past week? Send it our way in the comments.

– Jenny


Eric Hsiao posted on July 3, 2011 at 7:21 pm

Thanks Jenny these are some awesome links!

I’m a Bu student who is actually a Software Engineering Intern at Hubspot for the summer so I love the article on Blogging tactics 😉 This stuff really works! Hubspot CEO Brian Halligan has even said that he’s seen numerous startups (including Hubspot) begin by blogging, building a base, and then launching their product/company.

I also agree with the facebook article in saying that more fans doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re spreading the word on a larger scale. I remember from HubspotTv that only 2-5% of people find information out from their fb fan pages.

Ive been really interested in social media lately because I do think it’s the future of marketing and if you start now, you’ll get a head start on the rest of your competitors. If you have any advice or anything interesting to share, I would certainly be interested in reading more about these topics.


Socialme posted on August 9, 2011 at 7:34 am

It will always be quality over quantity. Trends come and go, but this simple fact stands, and social media isn’t any different. As long as there is quality content, people will find it and you will get the exposure you need.

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