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New Semester – Fall 2013

Good morning everyone! Welcome to the new school year engineers of BU! Don’t forget to purchase (or download) your textbooks and batteries for your calculators. The first event to look forward to this semester is the ENG Block Party on Friday September 6th, 4pm-6pm. There will be games, food, and professors to talk to and […]

TBP-ENGGOV Trivia Night

Yo peeps, so it’s that time of year again for ENG Week and it’s gonna be off the hook. Tau Beta Pi and your very own Engineering Student Government members have teamed up to present Engineering Trivia Night. Form teams up to a max of 8 people (including yourself) of engineering students from Boston University […]

Induction Ceremony

Hello Fellow soon-t0-be Tau Bate’s, Don’t forget that tonight this Friday November 7th at 7:30pm in the Faculty Dining Room (5th Floor of the GSU). Please arrive no later than 7:15pm. Dress is business attire, with dinner and dessert provided afterwards. Remember that this ceremony is mandatory. See you all there. Yours in Engineering, Tau […]

Bent Ceremony

On behalf of the Tau Beta Pi community, we would like to thank all of you who had come to the Bent Ceremony this past Friday. There were so many wonderful Bents, ranging from the incredibly delicious, to the sparky light up, to the thoughtful, to the intriguing. There will be pictures of all of […]

Last Day

Hello Prospective TBP Applicants, Remember that this is the last day to turn in: Dues ($70) Professor Recommendation Community Service Hours (4 hours) Essay These are all due by Today on Wednesday, November 7th 5pm to Feel free to just scan a small typed paper that says that you have done the necessary hours […]


Hello you Tau Beta Pi-ers, remember that some due dates are definitely coming up. Below are the list of times during which the TBP E-Board will be in Ingalls to collect dues.  As a reminder, dues are a lifetime fee of $70 and will help cover you for the cost of membership, food, and events throughout the […]

How Fly Are We?

Sometimes people tend to think of Engineers as being Enginerds! However, it’s much deeper than that. We immerse ourselves in a world of numbers, theorems, vectors, and analysis. But this provides us with a life lesson and a methodology with which we live out our lives. We see math in things and start to realize […]

Engineering Futures Seminar and More!

Wow so the the Engineering Futures Seminar was off the hook! It was quite wonderful to wake up in the earlier hours of a crisp Saturday on October 6th, 2012 morning in order to kick off the weekend.  Cheryl was quite wonderful in explaining the different concepts inherent to being a good leader both as […]

October is Coming!

Ahh the smell of Pumpkin Spice Venti Lattes wafting through the air as we hurry from one side of Commonwealth Avenue to the other can only signify one thing; that October is coming! Except that instead of a Game of Thrones we are instead doing a Game of Bents. What is a Bent you may […]

Upcoming Events!

Tau Beta Pi Futures Presents: Effective Presentation Skills Workshop Come learn about the skills needed to become a successful engineer not just in the classroom, but also in the real world as well. There will be formal presentations concerning: Getting over the fear of public speaking The do’s and don’ts of oral presentations How to […]